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We would like to announce that we have decided to support Jibun-Mirai-Club


We would like to announce that we have decided to support Jibun-Mirai-Club, the specified nonprofit corporation to assist conducting the Young Americans program for elementary school children and teachers in Iizuka, Fukuoka Prefecture.
The subsidy price for this project in 2017 is 3,445,000yen.

Specified Nonprofit Corporation〜Jibun-Mirai-Club〜

Jibun-Mirai-Club was established in November of 2005 and has mainly developed the programs related to the children’s education. The motto of the Jibun-Mirai-Club is “Learning for everyone” and has dedicated to develop the program to inspire everyone involved in the program.

The program mainly consists of two parts:

・Hosting “The Young Americans Japan tours”
By cooperating “The Young Americans”, the NPO in the United States, Jibun-Mirai-Club hosts The Young Americans Japan tours. This program is the educational program held in all over Japan to teach expression. The Young Americans casts visit the communities, schools, and the organizations to hold the singing and dancing workshop with the participants to create the 1hour entertainment show.

・”Providing the working-experience to children”

By cooperating with various enterprises, Jibun-Mirai-Club has conducted the “Working-Expedition program” and “The power of the work program”. “Working-Expedition program” is the program for the new employees and interns to tell the elementary school children the meaning and the pleasure to work. “The power of the work program” is aimed for the mid-level-employees to tell their own working-experience to the junior and high school students.

Along with these programs, Jibun-Mirai-Club has annually hosted “TOMODACHI female high school students, career mentoring program in Fukushima” by being backed up by “The Public Interest Incorporated Foundation Japan-America Council, TOMODACHI Initiative” since 2014.

“Working-Expedition program”, which is aimed for the elementary school students to learn the meaning of working and the enthusiasm of the employees.

“Career Mentoring Program”, New Career-Education Support for the female high school students in Fukushima.

The program that we will be supporting: “The Young Americans・International Music Outreach Program”

The Young Americans is the non-profit organization in the United States, which provides the educational programs through music all over the world. Jibun-Mirai-Club hosts “the Music Outreach” in Japan and has conducted the Young Americans・Japan Tour since 2006. The Young Americans casts mainly visit schools and communities and create the singing and dancing entertainment show, only in 2 or 3 days, with the elementary, and junior and high school students.
Jibun-Mirai-Club provides the opportunities for the hundreds of children to learn together, respect each other’s personalities, and develop their own possibilities through the common language, music. The Young Americans casts not only create 1 hour entertainment show with the participants through the workshop but also learn by themselves through this activity.
Jibun-Mirai-Club hosted the outreach in Japan for the first time in February 18, 2006. Ever since the Great East Japan Earthquake, Jibun-Mirai-Club has conducted the Tohoku-Project, which is aimed to bring smiles to the children suffered from the disaster. The Young Americans casts have visited Tohoku area focusing on the public junior high schools since 2012. Currently, the Young Americans casts are conducting the outreach tours five times a year including the Tohoku-Project.Water Dragon Foundation will be supporting their program in the Fukuoka prefecture Iizuka-city.



Specified nonprofit corporation Jibun-Mirai-Club


Sano Ichiro


To provide the “Opportunity for the new style of learning”, which is difficult to realize in the school education

Program Contents
  1. Program Contents
  2. Developing and managing the programs for the children by cooperating with the domestic and foreign NPOs.
  3. Developing and managing the programs for the children by cooperating with the enterprises.
  4. Supporting the career education school programs.
  5. Educating the educational coordinators in the community.
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