Application Process

1.Organizations we support

General Incorporated Foundation, General Incorporated Association, Public Interest Incorporated Foundation, Public Interest Incorporated Association, Community Service Corporation, NPO Corporation (Specified Nonprofit Corporation), Volunteer groups and organizations which conduct non-profit activities and public utility services.

2.Programs we support

Programs must be “education related programs” which are conducted “in Japan”. We would like to support organizations which are engaged in either of the following activities.

  1. Programs which contribute to develop children’s basic academic skills, and to support children to find interest in their careers.
  2. Programs which promote children’s independence and imagination through art, culture and nature experience.
  3. Programs which approach children who suffer under severe circumstances.

The criteria we are looking for

We will judge by reviewing the total fulfillment of the following aspects.

—Programs which have an effective solution on solving social issues.Programs which are eager to reform the social structure.
Programs which are eager to reform the social structure.
—Programs which are taking innovative strategies to reform the old-fashioned social structure.

We will especially consider the following issues as for the concrete program contents and solid plans.

—Programs which have the clear vision and an appropriate and well thought financial / organizational strategy to achieve their goals.
Identification of the effectiveness of the outcome
—Programs which identify what “Impact and Outcome” means in their context and have a clear definition of their Key Performance Indicators so that they can monitor their own progress for further improvements.
—Programs which have concrete plans to continue developing their programs independently after our subsidy program.

Procedure to apply for our grant program

  1. Screening of the document application
  2. Interview
  3. The announcement of the result